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A New Beginning - 5 Easy steps to a healthier YOU!

The new year is always exciting as it brings new energy. There seems to be great new possibilities around, new opportunities and an optimism is in the air.

It's NOT hard to start a fresh, every day. There are many thngs you can do to increase your energy and wellness.

Start today:

1. Make time for movement. Try something new. Dance, Pole, Triathlon, Weight training, Yoga. WALK to the station, work or after you eat lunch. The brain NEEDS movement to grow and be healthy!

2. Eat vegetables - Find your favourites and treat yourself. By fresh, by frozen or juice them. It's amazing how veggies fill you up and make you feel AMAZING!

3. GO TO BED before 10.30 pm for one week straight. Go on try it! You'll be amazed. Research has shown that lack of sllep is as deadly for the brain as alcohol! Also, if fat loss is a goal this will be enhanced.

4. Make apoint of reading some positive literature. Google inspirational quotes and the repeat it several times like a mantra. Re wire your brain towards 'learned optimism'. It's not just possible - it's easy. Just need repitition.

5. Spend 5 mins just breathing, focus on a slow inhale and a slow exhale. You will reset your nervous system and boost your imunwe system as well.

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