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Yoga and Pregnancy Teacher Training

Yoga is a wonderful tool to use when pregnant, when applied with knowledge and insight


Various levels of teacher training available depending upon your time and desire

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Do you have a passion for supporting women throughout pregnancy and motherhood?

Are you inspired to see movement as medicine?

Does the element of a mindful birth resonate with you?

Or maybe you are a yoga teacher with a need to better understand how to support pregnant women in a general yoga class, if so, this course will provide lots of amazing information.


Why train with me?

  1. As a mother, who delivered at home a breech baby, I can emphasise and meet the needs of those that desire to deliver a child into the least stressed environment possible.

  2. As a midwife I am privileged to have assisted women to feel empowered whether they deliver in hospital via NVD or following a caesarian section. All births are incredible and all women are supported.

  3. As a physiotherapist I specialise in creating movement programs that protect and strengthen women through both their reproductive years and later.

  4. As university lecturer of anatomy physiology, pathophysiology and health for many years, I love to help other people in their journey to understanding the complexities of the human experience.

  5. As a yoga practitioner since 1980 I have lived and breathed conscious yoga practice.

  6. As a yoga teacher since 1990 I continue to learn and expand my ability to make a positive impact in the yoga room in whatever small way I can.

Pregnant women in yoga class

What will we discover and discuss?

  • Discover the benefits of Yoga practice during pregnancy

  • Discuss the current exercise in pregnancy ACOG guidelines and how they may apply to yoga movement

  • Overview the physiology of pregnancy and how the changes impact upon the mother and baby

  • Address some of the common psychological changes of pregnancy

  • Review the postural changes of pregnancy and how to adjust asana successfully

  • Common musculoskeletal conditions of pregnancy and techniques to minimise joint stress

  • Recommended weight gain in pregnancy to avoid common health issues such as: gestational diabetes, HTN, SIJ pain, lower back pain and pelvic girdle instability

  • Review the latest research on abdominal separation: possible causes and protection strategies

  • Understanding the pelvic floor anatomy and training methods to minimise load

  • Flow modifications for the regular Yogi

  • Yoga asana for the beginner practitioner

  • Tools to empower delivery whether it be a NVD or caesarean

  • Benefits of mindfulness training in pregnancy

  • The role of the support person/partner

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