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Common Questions - Yoga Teacher Training

  • What is the Teacher Training Certification?

You will receive a Yoga Alliance certificate that qualifies you to teach in Yoga studios and at ALL Health clubs in Australia. Fitness Australia recognition is also attained with 15 CEC points for completion. Yoga Alliance  is based in the USA and is a Yoga teaching qualification that is accepted in many countries throughout the world. The courses must all achieve a stated level of study. The teachers are required to be experienced and competent. There is NO single registration body in Australia or throughout the world. 

  • What should I expect?

Physical practice, lecture based learning. Fun learning, interactive delivery style, questions and group work. Powerpoint presentations and a theory manual will be included. During practice some physical adjustements may be given (unless specific need).

  • What shall I bring?

An open heart, a willing body and a curious mind is beneficial! A personal practice of over 2 years is required by Yoga Alliance International. So, if a teaching certification is required proof of practice will need to be provided.

  • How proficient in yoga do I need to be to complete the teacher training?

Not too proficient, but at least a basic knowledge of physical asana is  useful.

  • What style of yoga is taught - hatha, iyengar, vinyasa flow or other?

All physical asana is a style of Hatha Yoga. So, this course is primarily a Hatha certificate. There will be vinyasa taught within the Hatha spectrum. Claire is trained in Iyengar, Power Vinayasa and Therapeutic styles and the course draws from amny varied elements.

  • I want to develop my own practice rather than teach can I still come? Do I have to do the teaching elements?

If you want a teaching certificate you must complete ALL course components. If you wish to study for your own benefit a different certificate will be issued. This can be upgraded to a teaching level within 2 years of attending the first course  when all components are completed.

  • How many students are enrolled in each training?

Maximum of 15 students.

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Why Yoga?

Yoga practice has changed my life! Yoga practice keeps me alive, energetic and aware.


Without awareness our life become dull and fixed. A yoga practice can help you discover YOU. With increased awareness you will be able to mange your physical and mental body better.

This 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training program will give you much more than a certificate.

It will be a transformative individually focused journey shared with others. We are all on our own path yet all of us need guidance.

Eventually our path leads us to the same place, a place of connection and acceptance.

Because of this we can support each other through the process.

Level 1 Teacher Training Course 200 Hour & Short Courses available

When you make this decision to embark on developing as a yoga teacher training,  know you’re in safe hands.  With long term experience and success on both a national and international level, this course will give you the skills needed to progress your practice or teaching.

Training can be done in either structured blocks or in an intensive format. Guided home study is included to allow you to develop within your chosen time frame.


How is the learning environment structured?

How is the learning environment structured?

Whether you wish to study Pilates or Yoga or both the emphasis is on practical and useful experiences that are transformative and inspiring.

The teacher is seen as both an artist and a scientist and these courses seek to provide a balance between the grounding approach of western science and the mysticism and intuition of the east.

Claire will share her vast knowledge of the human body in a fun and simple manner. A thorough structural focus will be delivered. The physical body is seen as the first tool to be explored and understood.

The Pilates method is a great method for exploring the physical body. Hatha Yoga continues the exploring from the physical into the mental aspects of being a human.

However, each teacher is also encouraged to develop a body of integrated knowledge and foster individuality within their teaching and are encouraged to create their own path of evolution.

Claire has studied educational philosophy and practice in depth. She has a Masters in Education and a passion for empowering all her students.


True education will lead to self emanciaption. Through this process, self knowledge and a deep understanding of life is gained. This self awareness becomes the platform for powerful teaching.

YOU WILL learn to realease your inner strength and access your inner wisdom.

These training WILL provide you with significant knowledge and skills that lead to you becoming an empowered and effective teacher.

You will practice Pilates technique or Yoga asana on the trainings. All training involves practice, teaching and self inquiry.

Meditation and reflection is encouraged to allow true development of the teacher within.  Specific meditation training is provided on the Yoga training.

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