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Pre & Post Pregnancy 2 Day course 13 CEC Points with Fitness Australia

                 Course now offered via Zoom on line -Advantage of live teaching in convenience of    your own home. All sessions are recorded for listening to over next 2 weeks for review
Next Course December 11th & 12th
         Bookings open  

Pregnancy & Exercise, CEC courses, claire norgate, yoga teacher training, pilates teacher training,


Claire is a midwife, physiotherapist and mother and has a passion for guiding women through pregnancy and the post natal period.​

  •    This 2 day course is designed to enable exercise professionals to work with the pregnant and post natal client
  •    Learn how to apply the fitness principles to the pregnant exerciser​
  •    Understand general exercise (including cardio, resistance & flexibility) modifications for the fit and  well pregnant woman
  •    Overview the important postural, hormonal and haemodynamic changes that occur during the childbearing year
  •    Apply this knowledge to safely program the pregnant client or provide modifications to suit your   pregnant participant
  •    Recognise rectus diastasis and pelvic floor weakness and know when to refer
  •    Learn safe and progressive core rehabilitation & learn when and how to progress women back into strength and impact
  •    Prescribe general fitness exercises for the postnatal woman
  •    Learn about the physiological and psychological changes of pregnancy
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