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Teacher Training Available - Yoga, Pilates, Rehabilitation, Personal Training and more!  All courses accredited with Fitness Australia for CEC points! 

CEC courses Pilates teacher training yoga teacher training

“Claire is an excellent teacher! The course was well structured and all theoretical and practical explanations were easy to follow. Her dynamic personality is motivating and fun and her course offered a lot of great benefits!”- Petra Riedel, Student

CEC courses claire norgate yoga teacher training pilates teacher training
CEC courses claire norgate yoga teacher training pilates teacher training

Yoga Teacher Training - What will I learn?

Claire has been teaching Yoga for over twenty years and in that time has created powerful methods that make designing and teaching great classes easy!


  1. Understand how to create safe asana practice.
  2. REALLY see and understand the anatomy of each asana.
  3. Develop POWERFUL -  PUNCHY and PRECISE cues.
  4. Learn the power of providing silence and reflection.
  5. Learn HOW to teach meditation and create an open, enquiring student.
  6. If your goal as a yoga teacher is to guide your students to a safe aware state, rather than just give a workout THIS IS YOUR COURSE.
  7. It’s all about what you teach, what you say and how you say it!
  8. Start from a base of sound anatomical knowledge and build a great personal practice. Discover the usefullness of controlled breathing and empower yourself and students with greater self awareness.



Pilates Teacher Training - What is the focus?



Learn the correct technique

Latest research incorporated


Recognised through Fitness Australia 15 CEC's per course

Great training manual


Teach in Health Clubs or just improve your practice!

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