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Teacher Training - Yoga, Pilates, Rehabilitation, Personal Training and more!

Welcome to my website! - I want to share all my secrets of successful teaching with you :)

Claire's life has revolved around learning about health and healing, inspired education, psychology, Yoga, Pilates and exercise. She is a popular and in demand presenter known for her depth of knowledge and the simplicity and fun in which she delivers it.​

Claire currently lectures in anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology at Laureate University and teaches in all areas of fitness for the AIF Australia.


Claire regularly travels throughout Asia lecturing in Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga as well as presenting at both national and international conventions. She has presented at the FILEX Fitness Convention every year since 2000.

Claire coaches Sport Aerobics and her team 'Synergy' has won 9 National titles and placed in the top three in three World Championships.

She has worked in health since 1980 and has a great mix of academic qualifications and practical experience. She has degrees in Nursing, Midwifery, and Masters Degrees in Education and Public Health. She has also completed a degree in Physiotherapy as her quest to expand her knowledge continues. Her passion lies in exploring new ideas and methods of creating increased body awareness and management.

Claire has been sharing her knowledge and passion by training instructors in fitness for over 25 years and Yoga and Pilates for over 10 years.

CEC courses Fitness Pilates Yoga
CEC courses Fitness Yoga Pilates Training

More than 20 years training fitness Instructors.

Over 10 years teaching Pilates and Yoga Instructors in Australia & Asia.

PhD Neuroscience - Light therapy in Parkinson's disease

Bachelor of Health Science
Post Graduate - Midwife
Masters of Public Health
Masters of Education

Bachelor in Physiotherapy (Distinction)
Certificate 4 In Personal Training
Certificate 4 in Workplace Training

Yoga instructor - Over 1000 hours of teacher training over 10,000 hours of teaching experience!

Registered with IYAA Australia with 850 hours of training.

Trained with:

  1. Baron Baptiste (500 hr Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher)

  2. Duncan Peak (200 hr Powerliving Teacher Training)

  3. Byron Yoga Center (200 hr Yoga Teacher Training)

  4. Sarah Powers (Yin Yang 100 hours)

  5. Donna Farhi (110 hours) 

  6. Rodney Yee

  7. Yoga Therapies (110 hr Yoga Teacher Training)

Pilates Instructor - Over 500 hours of teacher training over 1000 hours of teaching experience!
Trained with:

  1. Stott

  2. Michael King

  3. The Pilates room

Claire has spent over thirty years studying Fitness,  Yoga, Pilates and Health and has been training world class instructors in Australia and Asia for over 20 years.

CEC courses Fitness Yoga Pilates Training

About Claire's Teaching Style.

Whether you wish to study Pilates or Yoga or both the emphasis is on practical and useful experiences that are transformative and inspiring.

The teacher is seen as both an artist and a scientist and these courses seek to provide a balance between the grounding approach of western science and the mysticism and intuition of the east.

Claire will share her vast knowledge of the human body in a fun and simple manner. A thorough structural focus will be delivered. The physical body is seen as the first tool to be explored and understood.

The Pilates method is a great method for exploring the physical body. Hatha Yoga continues the exploring from the physical into the mental aspects of being a human.

However, each teacher is also encouraged to develop a body of integrated knowledge and foster individuality within their teaching and are encouraged to create their own path of evolution. Claire has studied educational philosophy and practice in depth. She has a Masters in Education and a passion for empowering all her students.

True education will lead to self emanciaption. Through this process, self knowledge and a deep understanding of life is gained. This self awareness becomes the platform for powerful teaching.

YOU WILL learn to realease your inner strength and access your inner wisdom.


These training WILL provide you with significant knowledge and skills that lead to you becoming an empowered and effective teacher.

You will practice Pilates technique or Yoga asana on the trainings. All training involves practice, teaching and self inquiry.

Meditation and reflection is encouraged to allow true development of the teacher within.  Specific meditation training is provided on the Yoga training.

“Claire is an excellent teacher! The course was well structured and all theoretical and practical explanations were easy to follow. Her dynamic personality is motivating and fun and her course offered a lot of great benefits!”- Petra Riedel, Student

CEC courses Fitness Pilates Yoga training
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