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I understand and agree that:

Full payment will be finalized to the applied for course or workshop prior to its commencement unless predetermined.

The following refund conditions apply:

A full refund will apply if course is cancelled within 30 days of attending.  In exceptional circumstances only (doctors certificate etc) full refund will occur within 30 days. Transfer to a later course is acceptable without penalty.

When attending a course, trainees must be free from any current or existing ailments, injuries or conditions that may be aggravated by Yoga and Pilates exercise. Both Yoga and Pilates training is intense, therefore appropriate fitness, strength and capability to complete the course is required. Mindbody Fitness takes no responsibility for any injuries sustained whilst attending any Yoga/Pilates or Fitness course.

Any exams that are deemed as “Not Yet Competent” will attract a fee of $50.00 to complete the same exam again. Any other associated administrative costs (not to exceed a further $50) must also be paid if necessary. Should a second exam be deemed as “Not Yet Competent” the applicant will be required to attend a second course at a 50% reduction of the current price within 12 months, however will only be entitled to one examination in order to qualify. 

Should the applicant require private tutoring to prepare for examinations, a cost of $75.00 per hour or part there of will apply.

Payment can be made by Electronic Funds Transfer. Details will be supplied at the time of registration. Should the student not attend the training after full payment is made the student can defer the training to another date. 

All reference materials and manuals will be returned to MindBody Fitness  and all electronic documents will be deleted and destroyed should the training be discontinued prior to the completion of the desired training for any reason.

Should a trainee fail to complete the nominated course within a two year period it will be considered incomplete.

The information supplied on the Application Form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

No video taping or sound recording of training is permitted unless prior arrangement has been made.

Payment Options 

Payment may be direct deposited into following account. (Pay Pal will be coming soon)

BANK: Commonwealth

Account: M Norgate

BSB: 062517

Account Number: 00742065

Please email when payment made and a receipt will be sent.

Thank You


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