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Change your mind change your life.

Creating Change is possible!

It's going to happen any way - so why not take charge.

Many philosophies teach that man has low or no self awareness and so lives in a world of illusion. We think we know what is going on but life happens around us. We are not at the wheel directing the flow.

Eastern philosophy informs us that things just happen to us all the time. We are like a leaf being blown in the wind - pulled and pushed from place to place without any personal control over the situations. We therefore have NO control over what happens to our lives unless we take deliberate action.

Solution - Know Yourself

But how can we start to know ourselves if we are in illusion? - This is the great Catch 22 of human existence. When we understand the brain though, we can more clearly understand our minds. And, self knowledge must include knowledge of our mind, beliefs and behaviours. Because:

We can't change what we don't know -

How science can help

Cool stuff about your brain!

  • We pay great attention to threats - our brain is ALWAYS checking for perceived threats.

  • In fact safety messages BY PASS our analytical, rational thinking state.

  • Past threats are anticipated and deliberately looked for - i.e. we CREATE them again and again by turning ANY similar situation into the threat again (just in case!).

  • We respond from fear first - so creating a safe environment is the most important consideration in learning anything (self awareness included).

  • If our brain is hard wired to respond first from fear our most common thoughts will naturally be about safety and fear.

  • What we repeat becomes permanent - so the negative self talk you have, will eventually manifest as a personal belief.

  • A thought is two or more brain neurones talking to each other - like a pathway.

  • Constant repetition turns a small pathway of neurones into a super highway of constantly bombarding signals - these become your beliefs.

  • Beliefs are VERY hard to shift even when logic suggests they are flawed.

  • Self beliefs CAN be changed.

10 Steps to Create Change in your life

  1. List as many of your beliefs that you can- no matter how small.

  2. Divide them into groups - beliefs about your personality, other people, values, fears, life in general, work ethics, culture, education, behaviour etc.

  3. Rank your beliefs into oder of importance. Once you have done this you will have more knowledge of WHAT is running your life.

  4. List the people in your life that you believe have negatively influenced you the most and how - be specific. i.e I learnt anger from watching ......?

  5. Deliberately create NEW BELIEFS that are positive and specific.

  6. Turn these new beliefs into a mental affirmation that you can easily repeat (easy to remember).

  7. Repeat this affirmation constantly (grow NEW neurones in your brain - change your mind patterns).

  8. Visulaise the people that you believe have influenced you negatively and create new neurone patterns of gratitude and thankfullness.

  9. Understand that we need to REPEAT to create memory and permanent states.

  10. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

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